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Wednesday September 19 2018

The effects of coffee + IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT

Hello Everybody !

I'll start with an important annoucement. This blog will no longer be updated!

But why ?

This is very simple: this personnal space was created under an Internet Access Provider subscription that is no longer in effect. So, I don't have access to the databases anymore, and I'm quite sure that the content of this blog will soon be deleted too.

I have then decided, quite sadly, that I have to give up this blog. But, don't be sad, there is still my Tumblr that will now be running as my main place to share my stuff !(alongside with a new french version).

Clic here to access my Tumblr and don't forget to follow it !

I'm still leving this blog opened until everything as been reposted on the french tumblr (as the english one is already up to date).

To infinity and beyond !

To conclude, I post what I wanted to share. Here's a short comic about the effects coffee has on me before and after my thyroid treatment:


That's right, coffee was making me sleepy !

Well, now it's over for this blog. Don't forget to add my tumblr to your favorites ! ^^

See you, Space Captain !

Thursday August 30 2018

The Battle for Drak

Here's a Sonic the Comic Online's fanart. STCO is a unofficial continuation of "Sonic the Comic" whitch was realed in United Kingdom in the 90's and 2000's

This picture was totaly made using computer tools, without physical sketch.



Thursday August 16 2018

Steven Universe: Sardonyx 2

Here's another fanart of Sardony, a character from Steven Universe (whitch I already drew, with some kind of deplorable results). This time, I made it entirely using digital painting !

I really like this style and technique. May be I should do more pictures like this ?


Tuesday August 14 2018

Super Tangle

Tangle the lemur is a new character who made her debuts in the new IDW Sonic the Hedgehog's comic (which started running after the cancellation of the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Comic).

As soon as she was revealed by the comic's staff, Tangle was heavily appréciated . I wanted to make a fanart of her certainly know about my immoderate love for Super Forms ! So heeeeeere's...SUPER TANGLE !


Thursday August 9 2018

Bra, Saiyan Princess

I wanted to draw Bra (or Bulla), Vegeta's daughter (in Dragon Ball Z, Super and GT) transformed into a Super Saiyan, and I had other version planed. But a friend of mine submited some ideas that made me change my mind a little. ^^

So, here we go for three forms of the Saiyan Princess !

Super Saiyan Anger: In Dragon Ball Super (anime version only), Future Trunks unlocks this exclusive transformation. Instead of making a "classic" Super Saiyan Bra, I have decided to go with the same form that is used by her brother from the future:


Super Saiyan Blue Evolution: This form was unlocked by her father Vegeta during the Tournament of Power ! First, I wanted to make her in the "normal" Super Saiyan Blue form, but when my pal asked me for the Evolution form, I changed my mind ! Like father, like daughter !


Super Saiyan Rosé Bra Black : Did Zamasu sensed Bra's potential and decided to switch bodies with her in this timeline ?! O_O


Monday August 6 2018

Eevee, the Avatar

All different Pokémon types were living in harmony, until the fire type Pokémons decided to attack ! Only Eevee, the Avatar, can bring the war to an end !

Ne'xt weekend will be this month's Pokémon Go Community Day....Or, well, DAYS ! Eevees and Shiny Eevees will be availables these two days for trainer to catch. As Eevee can evolve into eight evolution with eight different types, it was logical to make him the Avatar...Even if he ironicaly DOESN'T have a fly type evolution ! xD

If you're a Pokémon trainer and you live near Lille (nothern France), join us at Discord Silphroad Lille ! (French only)


Friday July 13 2018


I felt like drawin cousin Tatsumi (who already appeared there). To be honest, this drawing was forgotten in my sketchbook until I recently got the time and motivation to finish it ! ^^

So, here's a Tatsumi showing off his big muscles !


Tuesday July 10 2018

Darthen Wulf

My friend Darthen Wulf asked me to make a new icon for him, so I did ! ^^


Thursday June 28 2018

Waterbender Squirtle

Third picture made for the Silphroad Lille Pokémon Go group. This time, the Community Day will be on July 8th and will feature Squirtles ! ^^

If you're a Pokémon trainer and you live near Lille (nothern France), join us at Discord Silphroad Lille ! (French only)


Friday June 15 2018

Annabelle Chapuis

Here's a picture made by Cido, fanart of Annabelle Chapuis, engineer abord the USS Byakko, who appeared in this Inktober.

Cido have made the character's linear and I added the background and colored it all. ^^

Clic on the picture to see it in bigger size.


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